How Much Do You Pay For Your Health If You Don’t Have Insurance?

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Today I bring you a wonderful guest post that looks at the cost of healthcare if you do not have insurance. Sure you save the money on insurance, but what are the hidden costs and risks if you decide to go without?

We have contemplated on dropping our insurance but ended up maintaining minimal insurance just on the off-chance of something terrible happening.

Without further ado, here is Ashley.

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Pragmatic Considerations

One of the best things you can possibly do for your healthcare, and the insurance which provides such services, ensure your own physical “house” is in order. Proper diet, proper exercise—these things are fundamental if you seek to fully flourish as an individual.

Something else to consider is that if you’re in better health, you’re likely to enjoy a reduced healthcare rate. Insurance companies have to crunch the numbers statistically pertaining to specific conditions. If you smoke, if you drink, if you’re obese, if you don’t eat right, if you’re beset with any avoidable condition, you’ll likely have a higher rate of coverage.

Of course, you could always opt out of healthcare coverage via insurance, but if you decide to go this route, you may find yourself “broadsided” by several unexpected costs. For one, Obamacare is still in effect through 2019 in terms of tax penalties. If you don’t have healthcare in 2018, you’ll be charged in 2019. (Thankfully, you only need it for three consecutive months to duck the penalty.)

Secondly, if you get injured, ill, or have a family member in a similar condition, you could find yourself without a hope to cast away the darkness of massive encroaching health bills. In America, these can reach the tens of thousands of dollars very quickly. That said, there may be government programs available to help you out.


The US government provides medical solutions for those who qualify. Medicare may be exactly what you need to ensure your health is properly taken care of in a perpetual way. But there are different kinds of Medicare, and finding the right solution can definitely be something more complicated than many people realize.

If you’re looking for more information on Medicare, at, you can find an in-depth examination of current provisions; according to the site: “Medicare coverage is broken into specific parts: Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D. Each part provides its own unique coverage, and depending on which part you choose, the enrollment options will also vary.”

Something else that may be worth looking into are alternative healthcare solutions which use different economic models of provision to assist clientele, like Medi-Share, which boasts that it can cut traditional healthcare insurance bills in half. Of course, not all options are right for all people; you’ll have to find those which best fit for you.

The bottom line here is, you can’t predict the future. If you don’t have some kind of solution at least on the back-burner, you’re likely to be caught off-guard by situations beyond your control. You may live ten years and not spend more than $100 in flu medicine, but all you need is one instance of Meningitis to put you thousands of dollars in debt.

Becoming Part Of The System

Something many people are doing these days is becoming a more integral component of modern medicine.

The family practice healthcare market is definitely open for those seeking employment in the medical field – from hospitalist positions to nursing and neurology jobs.

Granted, this isn’t an option for every person in every station of life, but it can work for some. Despite the broad fluctuations in the healthcare market, there is still economic positivity hailing from that sector. As a result, it’s an expansion, and new help is always needed. Getting to understand the system from the inside out can ultimately prove an exceptional way of saving money.

Whatever you do for your healthcare, you’ve got to understand that future costs may overcome present circumstance. So be like the wise, who perceive possible danger, and hide themselves from its effects. Know what your personal costs are, know what they’ve been, and anticipate the unexpected. At the very least, put a thousand dollars away for a rainy day if you don’t want to go the traditional healthcare way.

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  1. You should need a lot of death-defying skills to face health care costs with your bare hands, meaning without any coverage. According to recent Fidelity study, a retired couple should save about $275,000 just for medical expenses. That’s a lot of money to save and hold in bulk. That is why it is better to divide that sum into smaller pieces in the form of monthly premiums of insurance, like Medicare supplemental plan also known as Medigap Insurance plan. To avoid unnecessary additional expensive cost, make sure to check for quotes, which you can usually request online, and find the best plan that will suit your needs and of course your budget. Having a Medicare with a supplement can already help you in facing your medical bills and won’t have to deplete your entire retirement savings just to be able to sustain your health care needs.
    Leandro Mueller recently posted…Successful Aging: 7 Outta Sight Tips to Attain and Experience Its True DefinitionMy Profile

  2. You don’t pay for anything until you run into any issues, then you end up paying for it by thousands. I started the year without any insurance. Unfortunately, I tore something in my knee which cost me $2000. It’s best to always be prepared.
    Jared Petyon recently posted…Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up?My Profile

    1. Sorry to hear that. That is the chance we take when we don’t carry insurance or have less. $2000 is likely still less than your premiums would have been for the year, so you are still coming out ahead barring more unfortunate events.

      Thanks for sharing.

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How much do you pay for your health if you don't have insurance? Health insurance is expensive, but dropping it may prove to be worse.