Vacation is Expensive!!! Is it worth it?

As I return from a couple weeks of vacation in Italy, it is time to reflect on whether vacation is worth it or not. Vacation tends to be very expensive, and what do you get for it? A huge hole in your pocket! In the US, we typically start out with 2 weeks of vacation from work in which we try to ...

Cost Review of a Gansu Province China Family Vacation

After 2 long years in China, we had the pleasure of hosting our first family visitors, my parents. Since they traveled halfway around the world to come and see us, I took a week off of work, so we could travel slowly and experience China. Originally, my parents wanted to visit places all over Chi...

Travel Slow, Travel Cheap, Travel Forever

Why do so many people feel they need to rest when they get back from vacation? The problem with vacation and travel in general is we are going about it all wrong. We have a set amount of time, say one week, and we try to jam as many activities and as much sightseeing as possible into our limited ...

2 Weeks in Paradise: Cost Review of Indonesia

One of the benefits of living abroad as an expat in China is the Chinese New Year’s holiday. We were able to spend 2 weeks off on a wonderful vacation bike tour in Indonesia because of a week long holiday mandated by the Chinese government. I spent one week of my vacation and we were able t...

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