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8 Best Reasons To Take An Expat Assignment

This post is originally found as a guest post on Mustard Seed Money. Head on over to get the full version.  Do you want to travel the world and learn a new language, but money concerns keep you from pursuing it? I know the feeling. The expat job may be the answer. Lots of people want to travel th...

How I Landed A 6-Figure Expat Job 2 Years Out Of College

When you take an expat job on the opposite side of the world from where you grew up, you get lots and lots of questions.Why are you doing this? Aren’t you going to miss your family? Are you sure you’re not crazy?I agree there are lots of questions and many pros and cons to taking ...

The Expat’s Guide to Tax Equalization

As an expat living abroad, you are responsible for paying taxes in both your country of residence, and if you are a citizen of a worldwide taxing country like the US, you are also responsible for home country taxes. Tax equalization is the process of your employer helping with preparation and pay...

How the Expat Package Can Propel You to Financial Independence

Becoming an expat engineer for an international company has been a boon for my retirement savings. I got aboard the expat freedom rocket and have not looked back. It has certainly poured the jet fuel on my path towards personal and financial freedom. I have been able to pay off $50,000 in student...

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