Atypical Life 2016 Investments

2016 was a good year for the investments of Atypical Life. We were able to set ourselves up for future success through investing all of our savings throughout the year. 2016 was a breakout year for us because our priorities changed from savings for debt payoff to savings for investing. 2016 also saw huge growth in the stock market worldwide allowing us to get 20% growth in one year. We lucked out that the year with 20% growth finally had money in the market.

With all of the advice out there for where to put your money and when to put it where, it is hard to filter through it and decide on a plan of action for yourself. After deliberating on it, I was able to come up with a plan for the year, even though it changed throughout the year.

Initial Plan

  1. Max out Roth 401k
  2. Max out Roth IRAs via backdoor contributions
  3. Invest all other savings in brokerage account

With a clear plan in mind, we were able to save and invest for the year with a purpose. Each month, I was going to get my paycheck and put it towards these different areas.

Roth 401k

The plan for the Roth 401k was to spread the contributions out throughout the year and reach the 2016 max contribution in December of $18,000. The Roth 401k seemed like the best choice at the time because we could save after-tax money and never have to pay tax on it again in retirement. I had lots of feedback from financial advisors that the Roth IRA and 401k is the best way to go because of the tax advantages in retirement. It surely makes it easier when withdrawing money because you know exactly how much you have, but we shall see in a future post which way is truly better.

Needless to say, I switched from the Roth to Traditional (pre-tax) 401k for the tax savings now. By the end of the year, I had saved the maximum $18,000 between the 2 and had only lost out on the tax savings of $2,380 contributed to the Roth 401k which amounted to $595.

Company 401k Match

My company has recently become generous to the 401k match and gives us 9%, so long as we contribute 6%. This is a very high percentage of salary when compared with other company match programs, and is a big boost to the 4% we used to receive. 2016 was the first year for our new matching contributions and it was well received by all employees. It is free money, and we made the most of it amassing $6,825 in matching contributions throughout the year. Anytime we can get free money, we are all over it.

Roth IRAs

The trendy suggestion of the day is the Roth IRAs, so that is what we have been focusing on getting our money into. In the end, the difference may not be that big between the 2, but Roth IRAs are much easier while in retirement.

Moving abroad and accepting the expat package, our W-2 salary sky rocketed because of all the costs the company incurs that make it there. Because our salary might be above the limit for contributions to the Roth IRA ($181,000 for married filing jointly), we decided to exercise the backdoor Roth.

The backdoor Roth consisted of contributions after-tax to our Traditional IRAs and then after a few days/weeks, rolling the money over to our Roth IRAs. This was very easy inside of Vanguard because it was just treated as exchanging money between mutual funds. In this way, we were able to protect our Roth contributions from the possibility of our “salary” being too high. The only downside of this was losing out on pre-tax contributions to the Traditional IRA, but our salary was definitely too high to qualify.


We managed to get our brokerage account funded starting in December 2015, but we started to amass funds here during 2016 with a final account value at EOY 2016 of $98,000. We owned various mutual funds from Vanguard throughout the year, but eventually landed on the Vanguard Total US Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTSAX) by the end. Because of our trading and strategy changes throughout the year, we incurred taxable short-term capital gains. This was an unfortunate part of the learning curve of investing for the Atypical Life family, but we will likely never incur these short-term gains again.

Changes to the Plan

After the year got rolling and I started doing more research, I came upon different strategies to save more money. When you are pursuing financial freedom, the recommendations for the masses may not apply.

During my research, I came across explanations of why to contribute to the after-tax 401k. The after-tax 401k is a Roth IRA in disguise. Because we can contribute a huge amount of money here ($53,000 total including pre-tax, Roth, and after-tax), it is a great way to get money to the Roth IRA. We want to get the most amount of money after retirement into Roth IRA for ease of withdrawal and tax advantages. After-tax 401k contributions can be withdrawn and rolled over separately from pre-tax 401k contributions. This allows you to rollover the after-tax contributions to a Roth IRA and only pay tax on the earnings while it was in the 401k.

When we learned the advantages here, it was a no-brainer to start contributing to the after-tax 401k. By EOY 2016 we had contributed $3,800 to the after-tax 401k with plan contributions much higher for 2017. These contributions lowered the amount in our brokerage account but is money not needed for “retirement” so it can be placed in tax advantaged locations for the time being.

investment accounts at retirement

In Conclusion

2016 saw our net worth and investment accounts sky rocket. We managed 20% gains during the year, but then again everybody did. Because we finally had a good amount of money in the market (>$100,000) gains moved the value up a lot.

I was happy to have a plan for the beginning of the year and know what my path forward was. However, refining and adjusting the plan as the year goes by can lead to future gains. Our adjustments to the plan are positioning us to reach financial and personal freedom sooner.

All of our talk and worry about finances mean nothing if you don’t have the chance to enjoy your money. So get out there, do your investing, and enjoy life.

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