Are you tired of your desk job?

Reading this at work and wondering if talk about freedom from the man and financial freedom is really possible?

We were wondering the same thing. We started Atypical Life to share our experience with pursuing personal and financial freedom with others looking for the pathway to freedom.

We are just like you. I work a normal engineering job for an international chemical company and my wife is a stay-at-home expat wife. Well, maybe that is not normal, but we are on our path towards freedom. We share our finances to hold ourselves accountable and to show our readers that it is possible to achieve freedom during your peak years. Here’s the full story on why we share our finances.

Why should we waste away our most vibrant and energetic years of our life working in a job that enslaves us?

The short answer, we should not. Mrs. Atypical and I save 70+% of our after-tax pay every month and every year and are on track to retire early and live an atypical life of freedom. We save religiously to our 401k, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Brokerage account to amass the funds in order to live a life of freedom. In the end, money should not buy you more things. The most important thing money can buy is your freedom. We are here to show you that it is possible to achieve the life of freedom that we are pursuing

Yes, I want to be free!

Why Atypical Life?

The question really is, why live a typical life when you can live an atypical life? All of us grow up “knowing” what is expected of our path in life. Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, work your whole life, hopefully retire, then die. Oh, and pay your taxes! This is a typical boring life where you are constrained from your full potential your entire life. We are striving for an atypical life, one where we are free to live where we want and free to do what we deem most important. These principles differ for everybody, but I truly believe we all desire to be free. We all want the atypical life of freedom.

So what will you find on Atypical Life?

  • Financial Independence
  • Financial Updates on our progress towards freedom
  • Progress reports of adding blogging to our retirement portfolio
  • The philosophy that allows all of us to achieve freedom
  • Savings tips
  • Tax hacks and tax minimization tips
  • Minimalism and freedom from possessions.
  • Travel
  • How to live free!

What really sets Atypical Life apart from all the other finance blogs is the focus on actual numbers. You will find real numbers on our income and expenses along with extensive analysis of our numbers. I am an engineer by training, and as such, I love numbers. You will find spreadsheet analysis of all the different financial scenarios that effect financial independence and early retirement and conclusions on the best path forward for various scenarios. No matter your analytical aptitude, you will see a large benefit from seeing real numbers, from real people, doing real things.

Mr. and Mrs. Atypical Life

We got married way back in 2014. Shortly after that, we moved to China on an expat assignment for me. This meant that we would only have one income, but one that is supercharged from the expat package.

Our assignment is slated to last for 4 years, but that first year really showed us what we want more than anything else in life is freedom. I worked 12 hour days for weeks and months on end that first year in China and came to realize that it is all not worth it. I was physically sick from exhaustion and we were both emotionally depressed from the time away from each other and lack of freedom. The new job in China is more than 40 km away from where we live so it takes 45-90 minutes each way to commute, which could be spent productively if we were at home. We came from a location where the commute was 5 minutes, so this was a huge change, and when tacked on a 12 hour shift, makes for no together time actually at home. However, the need for money have enslaved us to work for the man under conditions that we would rather not have.

After the initial year of work in China, things slowed down some and we were able to travel. We have been able to travel around China and around the world a good bit now, but are left wanting for more. Because I only have 3 weeks of vacation, plus another 1-2 if I buy them, we have a very limited amount of time to travel. We can only imagine the opportunities if we had location independence and personal freedom. Then we could travel on our schedule and not someone else’s.

We now have a goal date for achieving freedom, January 31, 2019.

647Days22Hours51Minutes06SecondsFreedom Achieved

What’s the significance of this date?

It’s the end of our contract in China. At this time, the company will pay for us to return to the US and setup shop again. This seems like the perfect time to free ourselves and become independent of the man. It allows us to get all our possessions home and into storage as we transition to an atypical life of freedom.

How do we plan to achieve freedom?

We save and save and save. We save 75+% of our after tax income. Along with saving towards the goal of financial independence, we are pursuing alternative income streams. This blog and our other travel blog are an integral part of achieving freedom on our terms.

Why should I listen to Mr. Atypical?

Welcome to Atypical Life! I am Mr. Atypical Life and with my lovely wife, Mrs. Atypical, we welcome you to Atypical Life. We are on a path towards personal and financial freedom and hope you will join and learn with us on our journey.

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