5 Super Lame Financial Blunders From My Life

Have you ever made a mistake with your money? Wish you could take it back? I know I have. We all have made mistakes with our money. That is part of the process of learning. We really don’t learn lessons very well until we apply our knowledge and fail. Only then, do we truly start to underst...

September 2017 Atypical Life Financial Update

Sorry, we are a bit late (actually a lot late…) on this financial update for September. Lots of travel has kept me away. Anyways, here it is finally. Enjoy. Welcome to our monthly income and expense report from the Atypical Life family. If you have been following along, I have traditionally...

Vacation is Expensive!!! Is it worth it?

As I return from a couple weeks of vacation in Italy, it is time to reflect on whether vacation is worth it or not. Vacation tends to be very expensive, and what do you get for it? A huge hole in your pocket! In the US, we typically start out with 2 weeks of vacation from work in which we try to ...

September 2017 Atypical Life Blogging Update

After 9 months of life for the Atypical Life blog, I feel it is time to separate the income report (home budget report) and the blogging update for the month. Blogging has started to morph more from a hobby and pasttime to attempting to make money from it, so let’s detail the progress I hav...

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