Why You Should Marry for Money

Marry for money and you will be happy for the rest of your life! Nope, not so much. I had a professor of physical chemistry in college that had 2 rules in life. The purpose of these rules was not to make society look like a dump, but to encourage people to be outside the rules. Rule #1:  People a...

How to Retire Even Earlier With Side Income

To reach financial independence and retire early you need approximately 25 times your annual expenditures. This crazy large number comes from the Trinity Study completed by professors at Trinity University and is another way of stating the 4% rule. If you spend $40,000 per year then you would nee...

May 2017 Atypical Life Income Report

Welcome to the fifth monthly income and expense report from the Atypical Life family. We are pleased to share this with all of you, so that you may have the inspiration to achieve financial independence and freedom from the man sooner. As an atypical family, this income and expense report will lo...

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