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After years of grinding through your taxes, or not knowing what you are getting into during the year, it is time to gain freedom. I am happy to share with you an easy to use tax estimator so you can know throughout the year how your decisions will effect your taxes. 

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Increase Your Wealth

Learn how to save. Learn how to build wealth. Learn how to free yourself from the grind.

Free Yourself

Let it be known that you are pursuing freedom. Once you truly decide to pursue freedom, you begin the transformation to become free.

Win Freedom

You win when you are free. The end goal in life is to be free. Free to decide for yourself your priorities. Free to spend time with who you want, when you want. 

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Love the life you have, while you create the life of your dreams.  

Hal Elrod​


Mr. Atypical Life

My journey to financial independence started shortly after college when I realized that life is more important than work. Here at Atypical Life we strive to follow the path less traveled. We believe that everybody deserves to live the life they choose and be free to follow their dreams. Financial independence and self-employment is the direction that makes this possible.

In the pursuit of freedom, less is more. 


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